How to cool down a room

Across the UK temperatures have soared to above 28C, with sunny skies and humid conditions for many. This hot weather is great for time spent in the garden or on a balcony, but when it comes to being at home sometimes the heat can be too much.

British homes do not typically come with air conditioning, and buying an air con unit for your home can be pricey.

With temperatures spiking, going to bed in a hot, sticky room can be frustrating and lead to sleepless nights.

Warm weather could continue over the next few days, and as we head towards summer more hot days are on the horizon.

If you want to know how to cool down a room and make temperatures more comfortable, has rounded up some tips for you.


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1. Hot water bottle – with cold water

In the winter many of us reach for hot water bottles to keep our beds toasty.

In the summer, you can use hot water bottles to keep cool by filling them with cold water and placing them in the freezer.

This then makes a cold pack and can be used to cool you down, cool down bedsheets and give a more comfortable night’s sleep.

2. Use a fan – properly

Many of us may be pulling fans out of the cupboard as the temperature spikes, but there is a right and wrong way to use them.

Often fans can just blow hot air around the room and provide no real relief from the heat.

Instead, point the fan outside and towards your windows so they push out the hot air from the room.

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3. Curtains and blinds

You may be tempted to pull back the curtains and open the blinds to let the sun in, however this could heat up rooms quickly.

Instead, draw curtains and close blinds for a fast way to cool down a room.

4. Cotton sheets

To sleep in the heat, use cooler linen and cotton sheets on your bed – avoiding materials like satin and silk.

This is because cotton fabrics are breathable and so cooler and easier to sleep in.

Egyptian cotton is a good choice, and there is also an Egyptian technique which cools down your body temperature rapidly.

Wet a sheet and leave it until it is damp, then place it over yourself before bed.

This works as the evaporation cools you down. Adding a fan with its air flow over you could speed up the process.

5. Avoid using the oven or hob

It may seem obvious, but using the oven or hob brings heat into your home.

Using a microwave, having cool meals or even barbecuing outside can be nifty alternatives for your evening meal while keeping your house cool.

Switching off screens like laptops, TVs and even gaming consoles can also decrease the heat in your home.

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