How to get 48 days off work in 2023 by taking 19 days of annual leave

How to get 48 days off work in 2023 by taking just 19 days of annual leave (but you’ll need to get it booked off quick!)

  • Savvy workers should time their annual leave requests around Bank Holidays 
  • Booking off four days off around Easter will bag you a 10-day break
  • There’s scope for a nine-day break by utilising the May and August bank holidays 
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Ever feel as though your holidays fly past before you’ve had the chance to really savour the time off work? Then 2023 is your chance to really make the most of your annual leave.

In 2023, there’s the potential to get 48 days off work using only 19 days of holiday due to how the Bank Holidays have fallen.

Good Friday next year will be on 7 April while Easter Monday follows three days later on 10 April.

Provided you don’t work weekends, there’s scope to get 10 consecutive days off of work for the price of four if you take Monday 3 April through to Thursday 6 April as holiday.

Bag 48 days of holiday with just 19 days of annual leave by making most of bank holidays

What’s more, you can also take a similar approach in May thanks to King Charles’ upcoming coronation. As usual, the first Monday in May will be a Bank Holiday.

However, as King Charles’ coronation has been scheduled for 6 May, which is a Saturday, there will be another Bank Holiday on Monday 8 May.

If you take 2-5 May off as holiday, that will bag you another 10 days off in a row.

At the end of May, there’s another Bank Holiday on Monday 29 – so taking the rest of that week as holiday will allow you to have nine days of leave as opposed to just four.

King Charles’ coronation will take place on 6 May. You can bag 10 consecutive days off work if you take 2-5 May off as holiday

How to bag 48 days off with 19 days of holiday: 

3 – 6 April results in 10 day break

2 – 5 May results in 10 day break 

30 May – 2 June results in nine days off

29 Aug – 1 Sept results in nine days off 

27 – 29 Dec results in 10 days off 

In addition, there’s scope to play the system in this way again at the end of August too.

Next year, the August bank holiday falls on Monday 28 – so booking off that remaining week will give you a nine day break in total.

As Christmas and Boxing Day will fall on a Monday and Tuesday next year, you can get 10 days off by taking off the 27, 28 and 29 December. 

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