How to know if you're psychic and activate your powers

Some people think we all have psychic powers, it’s a part of our subtle self (neither physical nor emotional intellectual… but something straddling the three).

Yet you probably won’t think of your own psychic twinkle as magic or special or different, because it’s just a part of you and probably has always been there.

Perhaps you’re adept at deciphering when people are lying, experience really vivid dreams and sometimes receive messages or visions in them, or know something is going to happen (often a phone call) before it does.

You might walk into a room and feel the atmosphere and mood right away, or even be able to pinpoint it on certain people or even objects. You might also experience de ja vu a lot, or have really compelling gut feelings that usually turn out to be right.

All of these can be indications of psychic ability.

Types of psychic abilities and their traits

Psychic abilities are classified into different groups, all starting with the prefix ‘clair’ (which means clear). Let’s see if any of these ring any bells with you.


You pick up on the feelings, emotions and health of others via a sixth sense.

It first developed as a child, you used it unconsciously on a daily basis, and it’s more than sensing the emotion – you often feel it yourself.

You can receive information through physical, mental or visual impressions. You get a gut feeling or physical sensations like a tingling spine, hairs on neck or arms standing up, or a buzzing or sudden cold feeling. You can feel the energy of a room.


You pick up psychic impressions through your mind’s eye (third eye), maybe you can actually see a vision with your physical eyes – via sight, layers of a vision beneath the present, dreams, movie scenes, symbols.

You can sometimes see spirits as if they are alive, as well as auras. You are highly visual, creative, imaginative, artistic. You have vivid dreams. You know if someone nasty or nice on initial meeting, sometimes you feel you can read people’s minds. Sometimes you envisage things before they happen.

You respond best to visual vs auditory, learning and content.


You are a practical realist and you like to see, sense and feel things through hands and what they touch – sometimes you can pick up on the energy or history of an object.

There are psychic impressions stored in objects around us, they can come to you as feelings, symbols, images, movie scenes, knowledge.

You have a strong intuitive gut feeling for people, places, objects and situations. You can read a room and see auras. You like to look at people face to face, you like to touch what you’re buying, and you need contact to connect.

I have been reading, and teaching, tarot cards for over 25 years and I have devised a system to use the cards to determine an individual’s latent psychic ability, it’s purpose, and the steps to activate it. So many clients have asked for guidance on this that I have created a whole new reading to cover it.

In general, the best route to activating your psychic power, getting to notice its presence, mechanisms and outcomes is meditation and mindfulness, coupled with journalling (so you can record your thoughts, experiences and ideas, and spot patterns and insights).

Here is an easy exercise to help you tune in to the psychic knowledge you may already have latently stored inside you.

Our bodies carry so much intelligence. We feel things physically (fluttering heart, dry mouth, tense shoulders, churning stomach etc) before they reach our mind.

This exercise will help you name and describe what is causing the ‘knot in your stomach’ or the ‘tightness in your chest’ (which are both physical intuitions), and help you to receive messages and information about yourself and others – beyond the obvious or immediate.

Ready? Okay…

Close your eyes and breathe, deeply and slowly, in and out through your nose and mouth, three times.

Focus your attention on your body, internally.

Move your attention around your body until you hit the spot with the highest level of sensation. Breathe into that place. Hold your attention there.

Find a word that describes it – a colour, a feeling, is it hard or soft, big or small, tight or rippling. If this image could speak, what would it say? What would it show you?

Follow where this image and message takes you. Understand the sensation’s message to you.

Write down your thoughts, and repeat this exercise daily to build up your attention and ability to focus on what’s going on inside you, then draw it out into tangible revelations and ideas.

You can get a personal psychic development reading with Kerry Ward, tarot reader and creator of ‘The Good Karma Tarot’ and ‘The Crystal Magic Tarot’ via Etsy.

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