Hurrah, the average cost for attending a hen or stag do is more than £200

Wedding season is in full swing.

While most people associate the happy occasion as an opportunity to celebrate a friend (or friends) getting married, others will no doubt be wondering how much the shebang will cost them to attend.

According to recent statistics, it’s around £391 per guest in 2019.

That’s just the actual wedding day – in reality, the expenses start long before the couple say ‘I do’.

The traditional hen and stag do could end up adding several hundred pounds to your total.

A new survey by MyVoucherCodes has revealed that the average hen or stag will cost £204.82 per guest.

The breakdown of hen and stag do costs

Food & Drink £28.35
Clothing & Accessories £36.37
Transport £26.05
Accommodation £27.82
Childcare £5.34
Gifts £35.47
Activities £45.41

We are however somewhat perplexed by the cost breakdown, especially as childcare is said to only cost £5.34 – that’s one cheap nanny.

You’re also likely to spend more than the suggested £28.35 on food and drink if the hen or stag is an all-day event (unless you stick to water).

The study also doesn’t seem to take into account weekend or week-long trips, with less than £30 allocated for travel.

That’s unlikely to cover train costs, let alone a return flight.

Unfortunately, it seems you’ll probably end up spending quite a lot more than £204.82 unless the event is held at someone’s house for one day only.

It’s not just guests who end up shelling a lot of cash on the big day; the bride and groom will also spend a lot of dough, with the average wedding in the UK costing £14,740.

Basically, the lesson here is that weddings are fabulous – but they’re expensive for all parties involved.

All hope is not lost.

There are ways to budget, as this bride who spent under £1,500 on her entire wedding proved.

But if you’re invited to a wedding bash in coming months, you might want to start saving now.

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