I can't bring myself to have sex with my girlfriend because I think she smells bad

DEAR DEIDRE: THIS is a delicate issue, which I really don’t know how to tackle.

My girlfriend of three years and I have completely stopped having sex.

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It has been three months since we last had it and she is starting to get upset.

We used to have sex at least once a week but I can’t bring myself to do it.

I love her so much but she has developed a really bad smell down below and it’s really off-putting.

I’m 27 and she’s 26. I’m not sure if she is aware of the smell.

She has always been a really clean person and washes at least once a day.

I’m worried because she’ll be so mortified if I tell her why I don’t want to have sex and then it might drive a wedge between us.

DEIDRE SAYS: You are right to be mindful about how you approach this with your girlfriend but if you are sensitive, I’m sure you will work this through.

It is really important for the sexual health of you both that you do let her know there is an issue.

You could say something like: “While I don’t normally notice anything, I have recently noticed there is a distinctive smell with you down below.

“I’m worried about you and think we need to get you checked out.”

Have a look at the NHS’s website, which explains what could be causing this change – www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaginal-discharge.

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