‘I can’t stop eating dry walls and no one in my life knows about my addiction’

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A woman revealed she has been eating the dry wall in her house for the past seven years, which has added up to over 1,000sqft of construction material in total.

Nicole, from Detroit, Michigan, said her strange addiction started when she began consuming chalk.

She told TLC's My Strange Addiction: "I love the smell of drywall, the texture of it, the taste, I love everything about dry wall.

"This is kind of like a chalky taste and I probably eat like 3.2 sq ft a week."

The mum-of-one said she would eat construction panels wherever she could – from her own home, her friend's house or her grandmother's property.

Nicole's addiction spiralled out of control when her mother passed away five years ago.

She added: "No one in my life knows about my addiction at all, it's very weird.

"It made me very embarrassed and I am ashamed because it’s not food.

"There are different kind of dry walls – some are thicker than others, some just… they don't taste the same.

"For instance, that grain dry wall has a nasty taste but this one has a fresher taste to me."

Dry wall contains fibreglass, acid, and silica which can cause allergic reactions, diarrhoea and cancer.

She later confessed her unusual eating habit to her uncle, Gordon, who persuaded her to seek medical assistance.

During the consultation, Nicole told the doctor that she felt anxiety before the cravings – but the stress would go away after she nibbled on dry wall.

Dr Theresa Vettese said: "One of the serious things that could happen is that your intestine could get blocked. If that happens, it could be very serious.

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"The materials inside the dry wall can be very toxic to humans and even cause cancer later on.

"The good news is you are not having any symptoms that would suggest you have any damage right now.

"But if it keeps going, then it certainly could."

Nicole described the appointment as a "real wake-up call" and has started to try and overcome her addiction.

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