I caught my fiancee sending nudes online after she unfairly ended things with me | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY fiancée ended our relationship because she wrongly thought I was messaging another woman.

The person in question denied it and told my partner, but she didn’t believe her.

I am 35 and my now-ex is 33. We were together for three years and had been planning our wedding.

Two weeks after the break-up I caught my former fiancée on Snapchat sending nudes to another guy.

I was devastated because I could tell from their conversations that they had spoken before we split.

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It is heartbreaking and I’m finding it very difficult to get over her. I was hoping for a reunion but she has blocked me from everything and we haven’t spoken since.

I am struggling to move on and feel very lonely.

DEIDRE SAYS:  Your fiancée unfairly accused you of cheating, perhaps because she has a difficult time trusting others or as a way of deflecting guilt from her own behaviour.

It sounds like she was hiding something herself, especially now that you have discovered her conversations with this other guy.

Shed your tears over her but then make a determined effort to move on. My support pack Mend Your Broken Heart will help.


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