‘I groped my male boss at the Christmas party, then snogged female pal’

I let myself down during the ­office Christmas party.

I drank too much, groped my male boss, and told several colleagues that I fancy and fantasise about them.

The next day our work WhatsApp group lit up like a Christmas tree. People were making terrible jokes about me.

I made a few lame excuses but that only fuelled the fire. Now I feel terrible.

Why am I such an idiot? Why did I pre-drink, wear a stupidly revealing outfit and dance on the table? Why did I snog my (female) mate and offer sex to a stranger in the street?

I am not due back in the building ­until January 4. Should I resign now?

JANE SAYS: You need to go in on January 4 and face the music. Ask to speak to your boss and apologise for being an idiot.

If he believes that you need to be disciplined or even let go, then I’m sure he’ll tell you. If others need to hear that you’re sorry, then be big enough to look them in the eye and do the right thing.

Would a guy get away with acting the way you did? Do you think it’s fair that you made such an exhibition of yourself?

If alcohol is a problem, then seek help via your GP.

You must take yourself in hand and work out why you indulge in such boorish, self-destructive behaviour, because it’s not funny and it cannot be repeated.


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