I Rented Baby Gear Through This Service For My Last Trip, and It Was a TOTAL Game-Changer

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Traveling with kids is stressful enough — nevermind the hassle of packing, checking, and lugging around all the necessary gear. Even pre-parenthood I was a person who showed up to the airport three hours early “just in case,” so add my toddler to the equation and you better believe I’m looking for anything and everything that will make traveling a little easier. Enter BabyQuip, a gear-rental service recommended to me by a friend.

Here’s the gist: through BabyQuip, you can pick out and rent quality baby equipment that’s delivered, set up, picked up, and cleaned by independent providers. The process is as simple and convenient as it gets, and when I rented equipment for a week-long trip to Chicago, I was thrilled with my experience. The company originally launched as Babierge in 2016, later changing its name to BabyQuip last July, and they serve families in more than 300 destinations in the U.S. and Canada. Typical order items include cribs, car seats, strollers, high chairs, plus toys and more, and customers can coordinate drop-off and pickup times that work with their travel schedules.

Keep reading to learn more about the service and my experience, but spoiler alert: it’s legit.

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