‘I was targeted by creep in McDonalds – all I wanted was a burger in peace’

A journalist opened up about being targeted by a “drunk creep” in McDonald’s.

Lucy Marshall headed to her local fast food joint in Hull try the new McSpicy burger that’s been making waves on social media.

But unfortunately, the Hull Live reporter was targeted by a man who reeked of booze as she waited for her food.

The 23-year-old was “uncomfortable” as the rowdy punter heckled her and made lewd comments about her bum.

So she’s written about the negative experience to raise awareness for how women are sexually harassed in day to day life.

Read Lucy’s eye-opening first-hand account below…

So let's start from the beginning – I'd held back on the snacks throughout the day so I was extra hungry for the talk of the town treat.

Dramatically gasping for nutrition, I headed down to my nearest McDonald's on Jameson Street around 8pm.

Being the modern woman I am I opted to order on the electronic screen. Feeling excited I took my number 60 ticket and waited in line.

Sadly my experience was completely ruined by a drunken Stella-reeking man who thought he was the dog’s b*****ks of the town when in fact he was just rather embarrassing and creepy.

A man stumbled in to McDonald's shrieking at the top of his voice while saying "hiya mate" on the phone and cackling his head off.

At first I didn't think much of it and thought he was just a drunken man coming in for some food to sober up – many of us can relate.

But his volume and husky voice was all anyone could hear. He was shouting down the phone to his friend about nonsense.

He was just being completely obnoxious and thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. He said: "Yeah yeah I'm in McDonald's mate where you at?"

He ordered his food and stumbled over to the waiting-for-food area.

His trousers were falling down and he stunk of beer. I noticed he was wearing an eye patch and looked like he had been in a fight of some kind.

But I was trying not to be judgemental and was playing on my phone whilst I awaited for my food – it looked like it was going to take a while.

Across the other side to where I was stood were two young girls. They were smiling and giggling together, but not before long the creepy drunk stumbled over to them.

On the phone he said to his friend: "There's some right girls in here. I don't know how old she is." He was laughing like an evil villain.

Looking slightly disgusted, the two of them ignored him. He went over to one girl and said: "How old are you?", whilst breathing heavily down her neck.

She said: "I'm 15." The man I am going to nickname McCreepy said: "Oh are you?"

He stumbled away and said to his friend: "Ayyy she's 15 mate. Yeah I just asked her. Am I going to get arrested? Shhhh I'm gonna get arrested in here me."

I was watching over in case he said anything else to the CHILD. The frightened girl luckily was called up next to get her food and managed to escape his weird ways.

I then became his next victim.

I moved away from him, making quite the point I didn't want to speak to him. Yet he kept coming closer to me.

When I say closer, well he was almost pressed up against me. But I didn't want to cause a fuss as he had quite an aggressive tone, and well, the eye patch which looked like he'd been in a fight.

His eyes were piercing at the back of me staring at my bum. Literally what could I do – not have a bum? If I turned the other way there he'd either try speak to me or make comments about another part of my body.

There was no way out. Trapped in McDonalds. Starving. Horrified. Over it.

I turned around and glared at him as he was smirking from ear to ear. He said to his friend: "Aye. I'd love to pin some of these birds in here down right now.

"She's proper sticking her bum out this one."

The creepy laughing went right through me and I was really starting to feel uncomfortable.

Not that it matters what I was wearing. If I was there in underwear it's still uncalled for, but I had on a smart work outfit, a blouse and a pencil skirt. I wasn't engaging with anyone I was literally there to get food after work.

Still waiting and almost being reduced to tears by this imbecile, I moved even further away from him.

He then said: "Oh mate she's a f***ing t***. Little t***. If girls don't want to be looked at then they shouldn't wear short skirts should they."

The room was silent apart from his echoing voice. Everyone felt so awkward and uncomfortable.

His stench could be smelt from the other side of the room and he was still blabbering on and on and heckling with his disturbing laugh.

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I was counting down the seconds, and sweating until it was my number called. 58 had been called, I thought "it's got to be me soon", but the wait dragged on.

Finally! It's me. The lady behind the counter called, "number 60", as I ran up grabbed my bag of food and sipped on my Fanta.

I swiftly walked out of McDonalds and the fresh air outside never felt so good.

He's gone. I'm fine. Never have to see him again (hopefully). Thank goodness.

It's sad that you can't even pick up food at 8pm on a Friday night without being subject to harassment.

It's also terrifying how 'normal' it is and how aloof I can be at accepting that this simply just is our society.

Another day of completely a simple task, for it to be ruined by another freak.

All I wanted was a McSpicy burger not sexual harassment.

The Daily Star has contacted McDonald's for comment.

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