‘If your relationship fails don’t just blame him – it’s his mum’s fault too’

Relationships can fall apart for many reasons – from having different life goals to having continuous arguments about house chores.

But, one lad thinks he has cracked the answer as to why two happy hearts can end up broken.

The saying it takes two to tango is a common phrase used to show that there is often more than one side to a story.

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However, an estranged couple may not be the pair at fault.

Well, the woman at least isn’t in the wrong according to Jay Bank’s opinion.

The self-proclaimed ‘toxic therapist’ often shares his outlandish dating 'advice' to his 2.4million TikTok followers.

And, it is no surprise that one of his latest pieces of ‘advice’ has caused quite the stir.

In the clip that has racked up a huge 8.2m views, Jay danced around his bathroom as he explained: “If your relationship fails, don’t just blame him.

“Sweetie, it takes two – him and his mother. Period, cause it ain’t you sis.”

Jay controversially claimed: “Stay toxic.”

Blaming a lad’s mum for things going sour is not only a reasoning that Jay backs, but many women also seemed to agree with him.

One person commented: “It’s always the mummy’s boys. Like girl, have him I don’t want him.”

Another user shared: “Damn… literally the reason for my breakup. He and his mum.”

While a third voiced: “Hahahahaha been there done that! Mother’s need to stay out of their children's relationships.”

Someone else added: “When I realised first hand that his mom has played a significant role in his thoughts, and she was giving me a piece of her mind, EVERYTHING changed.”

However, not everyone was in agreement with Jay’s take on shaky relationships.

One user noted: “Why are we always blaming the moms? A lot of the times it’s absent or toxic fathers.”

A second added: “Nah him and the girl he cheated on me with.”

This person expressed: “I get this but why is it always somehow a woman's fault for a man's actions.”

And, a fourth woman declared: “But I loved his mum from the bottom of my heart.”

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