I'm a sleep expert and here's an easy way to fall asleep in five minutes

GETTING to sleep can be a real battle if you're stressed out or not in the right frame of mind.

There are a number of tactics you can try to nod off with limited fuss.

From pillow sprays, showers before bed or banning screens from the bedroom, everyone has different tricks.

But sometimes, the simple steps are often the best…

Natural health expert and chemist Dr Tim Bond from Dragonfly CBD shared a hack to fall asleep in just five minutes.

He told The Mirror: "There is an Irish proverb that says, 'A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book'.

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"Good sleep is vital. It allows your body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert when you wake up.

"Healthy sleep also helps the body remain healthy and stave off diseases and, without enough sleep, the brain can’t function properly, affecting concentration, clear thinking, and memory processing."

Tim's tips to fall asleep within minutes:

  • Sit or lie on your bed and gradually relax every muscle
  • It's easiest to start at your face and deliberately relax, then move down
  • Let your shoulders drop to let go of any tension, with your hands falling to your side
  • Slowly breathe in and out, relaxing your chest, legs, thighs and calves
  • Repeat this until you feel at ease and your brain feels clear.

At this point you should try and picture yourself in a relaxing situation.

It could be a sea view on a calm day or that you are rocking back and forth in a rocking chair in a dimly lit room – but any scene will do.

If nothing is coming to you, or you aren't dropping off, try saying "don't think, don't think" over and over and you should fall asleep quickly.

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Social media is full of sleep tricks and tips to send you to the land of nod, but which ones actually work?

Experts say there are some trends which are helpful at getting the body and mind into a relaxed state.

Relaxation is key for sleep as it allows us to lower our heart rate and unwind, but this can be difficult.

The NHS says that adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep each night in order to keep us feeling refreshed.

Dr Verena Senn, sleep expert at Emma Sleep said using a red light could be a new part of your routine.

Another key tip, which will also help keep you nice and toasty through the winter months, is to keep your socks on.

In keeping with the cosy theme, another hack that people have adopted is the weighted blanket – although this can be a more pricey hack.

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