I'm a Victoria Secret model and here's my 8-minute workout to get rid of your belly fat

KELLY Gale has shared the eight-minute ab workout that she uses to ward off belly fat.

The Victoria Secret model's short but effective routine needs minimal equipment and time. 

Kelly's washboard stomach comes down to a strict gym regime and clean diet.

She says her figure is not just due to genetics – she trains for up to two hours, six to seven days a week, incorporating boxing, Pilates, running, strength training and rock climbing.

Fans can get a glimpse of the supermodel's hardcore workouts on her YouTube channel, including ones you can do in your living room.

With a job that entails looking catwalk ready, having appeared in Victoria Secret fashion shows between 2013 and 2018, it’s no wonder she spends a lot of time in the gym.

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But her favourite abs workout can be done anywhere. 

The Swedish-Australian, of Indian heritage, posted to Instagram on Monday.

Wearing an orange and yellow bikini, the 26-year-old first showed off her tight abs and svelte figure before getting onto the exercise mat.

She wore ankle weights for the entire routine for an added level of intensity.

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I worked out like Chrissy Teigen – here's what training like a celeb is like

Kelly wrote: “8 min ab workout. 4 exercises. 30 seconds each. Repeat 4 sets.”

The four exercises were:

1. Single leg crunches

Lie on the floor with your knees bent and hands behind your head. Crunch while bringing the right leg up towards your face.

Bring the right leg and right elbow to meet.

Kelly does three reps and then switches to using her opposite (left) arm in a movement similar to a bicycle crunch. 

2. Repeat on the other side

Repeat the above on the left side, making sure to switch between same arm and opposite arm reps.

3. Leg raise crunch

Lie on the floor with your knees bent and hands behind your head. Straighten one leg and raise it to the ceiling at the same time as crunching.

Bring the opposite arm straight beside the knee as you crunch.

Lower the leg and arm then repeat the move.

4. Raised leg crunch 

Lastly, Kelly does a crunch bringing both her knees and elbows toward each other.

A harder variation of this exercise is to keep the legs straight towards the ceiling, or lower them to the floor between each crunch, known as a cocoon crunch. 

Kelly has previously talked about her ab-focused training on YouTube, saying it's important to engage the abs before working them.

You do this by “sucking them in”' – essentially sucking your stomach towards the floor.

This protects the lower back which, for most ab exercises, should stay flat against the floor.

Kelly says: “If your abdominal muscles get too tired it is better to take a few breaks than to do the movements without engaging the correct muscles.”

As for Kelly’s diet, there’s not a donut or biscuit in sight, for the star never eats sugar.

She told V Magazine in 2018 she has "a hard rule against eating any cane sugar" and instead, stocks up on vegetables and seafood.

But she told Elle that will snack on 30g of dark chocolate, which has less sugar in, every day as a “guilt free” treat.

Both lunch and dinner is a form of protein with salad with no dressing, according to an interview with Vogue.

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And breakfast is “plain yoghurt with berries and homemade, unsweetened, wheat-free, gluten-free muesli, or a green smoothie”.

So if you’re really serious about getting Kelly’s six pack, there might be some work to do in the kitchen above all else.

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