Instagram model wants to have sex with man who has had coronavirus vaccine

An Instagram model has revealed the strict rules she has in place for her next boyfriend.

In recent months, Iasmin Santos, 27, has been quite vocal about who she wants to date.

Previously, she said she wanted Tinder matches to get tested for coronavirus before she met them.

The claim caused quite a shock on the dating app after she demanded a negative Covid-19 test on her profile.

Now the Brazilian is on the hunt for a specific type of guy – one who's had a vaccine to be exact.

Iasmin is currently living in London where the first doses of the approved vaccine have been rolled out.

She said: "I thought it would be a quick quarantine, but it lasted longer than I imagined, it took everyone by surprise.

"I want a man already who's had the coronavirus vaccine, this is my first requirement in the application.

"I have a lot of expectations for that day I meet someone, I also want him to be a special man.

"Even so, we will still take every precaution to avoid any contamination of the virus."

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Iasmin is an influencer and is successful in several countries, including Dubai, Paris and Milan.

Previously, the bombshell looked unrecognisable in a throwback snap before her 50 plastic surgeries.

The Playboy Playmate has spent around £100,000 on plastic surgery procedures over the years to modify her appearance.

Speaking back in August, Iasmin revealed how she's changed her breasts three times.

She said: "I have already changed my breasts three times, I am very vain.

"If something in me was bothering me and I was able to change, I would change.

"I want to get bigger breasts and still do Fox Eyes, a procedure that raises the side of the eyebrow."

And the model also admits to receiving a lot of criticism over the way she looks, but she's not fazed by it at all.

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