‘It felt like I had burnt my skin off after expired skincare left face raw’

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You probably wouldn’t think that expired skincare could cause much damage – but one woman was left with red and sore skin after doing so.

Jess, a marketing manager from Yorkshire, started experimenting with skincare in 2019 in the hopes of achieving a blemish-free complexion.

As she started to invest more in her collection of products, she layered them in hopes that this would help her to see results more quickly.

“Almost immediately, I started to notice that my skin was feeling a little more irritated but believed this was a sign that my new skincare routine was working and it was just a matter of time until I started to see the results I was after,” she explained.

“Over time, despite my face feeling hot and my cheeks being constantly flushed, inflamed and uncomfortable to the touch, I persevered with my new routine – even incorporating additional products recommended by friends and family.”

Jess now realises that her skin was suffering as she wasn’t keeping track of what she was putting on her face or how long any of my products had been open.

It was also becoming increasingly difficult for her to cover the severe reactions under makeup.

Then, she made the mistake of using an expired cleanser.

”The turning point came when I used an old cleanser that one of my friends gave me,” she said.

“Despite the product having already been opened, I'm ashamed to admit that it didn’t even occur to me to check if the product might have expired – I was just happy to have a new cleanser to try out.

“When I woke up after using the cleanser, it felt like I had burnt my skin off. There was a red bumpy rash on my chin that continued to spread across my lower face throughout the day and it hurt to even splash my face with water.”

With no idea why her skin had reacted so badly, Jess reached out to an expert who informed her that her skincare routine shouldn’t be causing me discomfort.

They explained that the old cleanser had most likely expired and as a result, had stripped her skin of its much needed natural oils.

“It took over a week for the rash to subside and for my skin to return to normal,” Jess shared.

“My face was so sore I wasn’t able to go into the office but was lucky my employer let me work from home, with my face covered in chamomile lotion.

“It was a real wake up call for me and showed just how much damage you can do when you don’t pay attention to how your skin is responding to the products you are using.

“Since this happened to me, I’ve stripped back my skincare routine and have made sure to keep track of any changes in my products that might suggest they have expired.”

Not keeping track of when skincare products are set to expire is one of the most common skincare mistakes you can make, warns online skincare retailer and experts, Face the Future.

Recent research carried out by the much-loved brand has found that only 17% of skincare users actually keep track of their products’ expiration dates

Commenting on Jess’ experience, Kimberley Hulme, Head of Clinic at Face the Future, said: “When looking to start a new skincare routine it is really important to be mindful of exactly what you are putting on your skin and keeping an eye out for any changes in your skin's appearance that might suggest that isn’t responding positively.

“While it is relatively common to have an adverse reaction when using expired skincare products it is likely Jess had already damaged her skin barrier as a result of layering too many active ingredients as part of her skincare routine.

“If you do notice your skin becoming irritated or increasingly uneven in tone, it is a good idea to streamline your skincare routine and stop using products that might be placing undue stress on your face. Instead, just focus on hydrating cleansers and moisturisers that will aid in your skin’s recovery.”

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