‘I’ve got it going on like Stacey’s mom – my kids’ pals are obsessed with me’

A model who strips off on OnlyFans has compared herself to ‘Stifler’s Mom’ in American Pie and ‘Stacey’s Mom’ in the hit song by Fountains of Wayne.

Tracy Kiss described how her children’s pals are obsessed with her and follow everything she does online.

The ex-Page 3 girl said her two kids, nine and 14, are used to the attention but she admitted that it gets embarrassing at times.

Tracy – who has one million followers on Instagram – told the Daily Star: “Because of how I live, look and dress I stand out amongst other school mums and my children’s friends have always seen me as a bit of a trophy mum.

“When my children are on FaceTime to their friends they ask if I’m home and if they can say hello to me, they follow me on social media and watch everything that I do.

“It’s a novelty to see a parent like me but for my children it’s so normal as I’ve been modelling since before either of them were born.”

Tracy, 34, added: “I’d compare it to that song ‘Stacey’s Mom’ or ‘Stifler's Mom’ in American Pie.

“It gets me embarrassing when their friends go over the top and know everything that I do and ask the children about me – they wouldn’t be concerned about the lives of their friends' parents so why be so fanatical about mine?

“We should all be able to look and dress as we choose to at any age and stage of life.”

The mum-of-two, from Buckinghamshire, joined OnlyFans three years ago.

She said she was “thrilled” to make it into the top 1% of content creators worldwide during the pandemic.

And speaking about the explicit site, she added: “I will continue to love and celebrate the female form at every age and stage of life because freedom and happiness doesn’t have a shelf life.

“I’ve been a glamour model since I was 18 and feel that celebrating the female form and body confidence is very much a part of who I am and how I live.

“We should never be ashamed of our bodies or made to feel embarrassed by what is such a natural and normal part of life.”

Tracy has spent just shy of £100,000 on plastic surgery and she said she is happy and confident with how she looks after being bullied in school.

But despite her positive outlook, she is still put down by trolls on social media.

She said: “I have always been judged and bullied for my appearance since my childhood – I used to be bullied for being 'ugly' and now I’m trolled for being 'fake'.

“I would never criticise others on something as shallow as appearance, but if I decide to look a certain way it’s for myself because I want to and not to please others.

“Unhappy and insecure people will criticise others regardless of if they’re hot or not, so why concern yourself with their opinion?

“I love how I look and have the happiest and healthiest lifestyle that brings me so much joy, I wish everybody can find the same love, peace and freedom to be themselves in whatever form feels most right for them.”

Earlier this week Tracy spoke with the Daily Star after transforming from a barbie-loving mum to an unrecognisable grunge goth for one day only.

In the new year Tracy – who is now a qualified life coach – is launching her own home programmes to help people with mental health and fitness.

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