Kate Middleton’s ‘calm but controlled’ parenting is ‘refreshing’ and ‘impressive’

Kate Middleton and Prince William visit Pantoland with family

Kate Middleton, 38, married Prince William in 2011 after meeting at university. Now with three children, the family will often be seen at events together. An expert has shared an insight into the parenting techniques that the royal couple use.

The most recent appearance from the family was last week when the Cambridge’s attended a special pantomime performance in London.

Kate and William took the hands of their children as they walked down the red carpet.

The royal children’s lives are kept quite private and they only tend to appear with their parents on special occasions.

Sophie Pickles, Early Years Expert and Parenting Coach has shared an insight into what techniques the couple use.

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The expert said: “Kate Middleton is a classic ‘calm but controlled’ parent, with a relatable parenting style that resonates with women across the globe.

“It is clear to see that Kate treats her children with love and respect, while freely admitting everyday parenting can sometimes come as a struggle.”

The royal couple have openly spoken about their parenting struggles in the past and Kate also has a number of interests in early years, including her recent 5 Big Questions on the Under Fives.

It was revealed that the couple use a ‘chat sofa’ instead of a naughty step to help discipline the children and educate them rather than tell them off.

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Sophie added: “Many of us will remember Princess Charlotte’s defiant sitting protest on the runway at Hamburg airport in 2017 – something many parents of toddlers can identify with only too well!”

Being members of the Royal Family means that Kate and William have to follow certain rules and etiquette.

However the expert explained that they have stepped back from the traditional techniques used by other royals.

She said: “Unlike traditional royals, Kate’s connection to her children is refreshing and impressive.

“While royal parents have always taken a step back from parenting, instead letting a team of professional nannies take the lead, Kate is always by her children’s side.”

The royal couple have a live-in nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, who they hired shortly after Prince George was born.

While she is often seen helping the children, the Duchess and Duke are seen being very hands-on parents.

Kate and William can be seen cuddling and holding the hands of their children, something which hasn’t always been seen in the Royal Family.

While watching the pantomime last week, Prince Louis can be seen sitting on Kate’s lap with Prince George and Princess Charlotte close to her side.

Sophie went on: “In the past, this ‘coddling’ style of parenting would have been firmly against the rules royal parents must abide by.

“It is obvious though, that Kate knows that the more children spend close, quality time with their parents, the more independent they will grow to become.“

Early years education is a topic Kate is very passionate about, with one of her recent campaigns, 5 Big Questions on the Under Fives asking parents across the country their opinions on younger years education.

The parenting expert added: “Open communication is the most important skill a parent can nurture and install in their child and we know that this is something that Kate and William both value above all else.

“Their unfaltering presence in her children’s lives will undoubtedly stand them in good stand to grow into strong, self-sufficient and compassionate individuals.”

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