King Charles III swoons as he spots a Corgi among royal fans

Paws to say hello! King Charles III pets a corgi after spotting his mother’s favourite breed in the crowd during a walkabout in Northern Ireland

  • The King, 73, has arrived in Northern Ireland with Queen Consort this afternoon 
  • He was greeted by crowds of royal fans who wanted to share their sympathies
  • Fan delighted him by bringing her pet Corgi to his walk about and King swooned 
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The King was delighted after spotting a corgi in the crowd during a walkabout in  Northern Ireland this afternoon.  

King Charles III and the Queen Consort, 74, greeted well-wishers as they touched down in Belfast for the latest leg of their tour of the UK. 

The new Monarch, 73, was deeply moved by the outpouring of love the Northern Irish public showed his late mother and the confidence they showed in him after he ascended the throne. 

However, it was a cheeky Corgi named Connie that stole the show during a stop in Hillsborough.

The King was delighted as a fan greeted him with her pet Corgi in Hillsborough, Northern Ireland this afternoon

A cheeky Corgi named Connie, in Hillsborough, that stole the show, as the sovereign and his wife swooned and paused to pet the furry subject and chat to his owner

Royal fans have been bringing their Corgis on royal walkabouts as a homage to the late Queen, who passed on Thursday and was known for her love of the breed. 

Charles, who grew up with his mother’s generous pack of Corgis and Dorgis, seemed delighted to spot the familiar breed this afternoon as he arrived in Northern Ireland. 

The sovereign, who had come to meet his Northern Ireland subject, was drawn to the pet who was being carried by his owner. 

The Monarch was seen swooning as he offered his hand to the Corgi so the pet could give it a sniff. 

The King then snuggled the pup while chatting to his owner and the schoolchildren who had skipped class to witness his historic visit to Hillsborough. 

The new Monarch extended his had to Connie so she could give it a sniff as they got better acquainted during the walkabout 

The Corgi, who was being carried by his owner, was seen leaning towards the King, clearly interested in make friends 

The moment offered some levity for Prince Charles, whose schedule has been filled with official events since the announcement of his mother the Queen’s death last week. 

The new sovereign today looked solemn as he vowed to follow the ‘shining example’ of his late mother as he and his wife were met with raucous applause and joyful cries after arriving in Northern Ireland.

In a powerful speech praising Queen Elizabeth II’s ‘long life of public service’, King Charles remarked on the ‘momentous and historic’ changes she witnessed in the province throughout her illustrious life, and said she had ‘never ceased to pray for the best of times for this place and its people’.

The cheeky pup immediately caught the eye of the Monarch, who was seen swooning as he made his way along the crowd 

Charles pointed towards the Corgi with apparent delight as schoolchildren greeted him in Hillsborough 

Paws for thought. The King, who grew up with his mother’s cohort of Corgis and Dorgis, was happy to see the pet in Northern Ireland 

Cameras captured the sweet moment the King and Queen Consort spotted the animal and spoke to the children 

A royal smile. Charles kept his eyes on the Corgi as he shook hands with royal fans this afternoon 

The schoolchildren gave the new monarch and his wife a warm welcome in the historic village of Hillsborough 

Speaking to the assembled guests in the official royal household, the new monarch, addressing the province as King for the first time, pledged to uphold his late mother’s ‘steadfast faith’ and ‘seek the welfare of all the inhabitants of Northern Ireland’.

Earlier in the day, King Charles and Queen Consort, both clad in black, shook the hands of official dignitaries before departing for the historic village of Hillsborough, where they greeted mourners outside the royal residence.

The jet carrying His Majesty touched down at the George Best Belfast City Airport shortly before midday for his 40th visit to the province – but his first as King, and his saddest.

Well-wishers, including children clasping onto bouquets of flowers, lined the streets outside Hillsborough Castle, standing five-deep behind large metal barriers as they prepared for the King’s first address in Northern Ireland.

Tuesday marked the latest in Charles’ tour of the UK, after the new King spent last night in Edinburgh where he and his three siblings held a silent vigil for their mother by forming a guard of honour around her coffin.

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