Lad invites friends to his first date – but it backfires spectacularly

A lad was dealt a humiliating blow when he invited his friends along to his first date with a girl he met online, only for them to film him being stood up.

The unknown Romeo waited in a shopping centre for more than an hour with his pals, only for the girl to eventually phone him and say she wanted to sever their connection, forever.

In the clip, uploaded on TikTok by @rummansuffan, three young-looking men hang around in the middle of the busy arcade, obviously bored.

The guy who had arranged the date looks tense as he reads his phone screen.

An on-screen caption on the video reads: "My friend was meeting a girl he met in lockdown for the first time."

It adds that the plan was to wait with him "until she came", but she never arrived.

"We waited for more than an hour… She called him saying she wasn't coming and didn't want him to message her anymore," it reads.

Looking gutted, the guy gets off his phone and puts his head in his hands, only for his pals to fist-bump him in support and try to cheer him up.

The video has gone viral since being shared on Twitter, with more than 7.2 million views and a lively conversation about what the lad or his date ought to have done.

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Many people blamed him for his misfortune, saying the girl would have felt nervous suddenly meeting a group of lads she didn't now.

"Facts why would you bring your homeboys to meet a girl you’ve never met before that don’t even make sense," blasted one viewer.

A second person commented: "This looks mad dodgy I would have dipped too.

"Poor girl probs thought they were gonna kidnap her."

Someone even slammed his fashion taste, writing: "Man threw on Canada Goose over a white polo and some Nike air zooms and called it a day… he was destined for failure."

But other people said the girl should not have been so insensitive and, at the very least, phoned him a bit earlier to cancel the date rather than leave him hanging around.

One wrote: "Kinda a bad thing to do if true, just stood him up, could have at least messaged sooner and not leave them waiting so long."

"This is what bad gals do, they watch from a distance, and if you're not up to their expectations, they dump you," said another viewer.

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