Lance Bass Hopes BFF Lisa Vanderpump Takes ‘A Break’ From ‘RHOBH’ After Puppygate Scandal

Lance Bass has Lisa Vanderpump’s back through hard times, & following the emotional ‘Puppygate’ drama on this season of ‘RHOBH,’ he’s admits it may be time for his friend to take a break.

Lance Bass, 40, and Lisa Vanderpump, 58, are absolute best friend goals, and when we caught up with the NSYNC member at the 29th Annual Environmental Media Awards, he revealed that he has a few hopes for his bestie in 2019. For starters, he hopes Lisa will take a break from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “I have told her for years to move on,” he EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife at the May 29 event. “I tell her that she has Vanderpump Rules, which is so much better anyway, but she was a original member of the show and feels obligated to be a part of it. That was her life and she knows what that show did for her, so you know, she likes to see things through, but once people pounce on you like that and try to break you down in such a evil way, it’s hard to love what you do after that. So, I hope she takes a little break!” Lance told us.

However, Lance was sure to say that a “break” means just that, and much like Bethenny Frankel, she could return to the show in due time. “You know she can come back in a few years, look Bethenny [Frankel] did it. Just take a little break right now. She needs a little breather,” he explains. It has been an incredibly emotional season for Lisa, who lost a number of friendships after her co-stars turned on her following the Puppygate feud, and even accused her of selling stories about them to the tabloids.

To make matters worse, Lisa recently came under fire for making a a joke about Erika Jayne that fans felt had transphobic undertones. But — Lance took a moment to defend his friend and clarify a few things about her comment.”That affected her pretty badly,” Lance tells us. “Everyone jokes around all the time and this particular joke she was talking about drag queens, not transgender people and there is a difference and people just put those together. But no, the transgender community is different from the drag community and she was making a joke all about Erika because Erika always jokes about tucking her penis, so she made the joke and unfortunately it didn’t hit well, but good on her for knowing what she meant to say and owning it,” Lance shared.

There’s no official word from Lisa regarding a break just yet, but before agreeing to film this season of RHOBH, Lisa admitted that she considered taking time away from the show, especially after the passing of her brother. “I said I should probably take the year off, but Bravo kind of thought they wanted me,” she confessed to HollywoodLife and other media outlets after the season premiere on Feb. 12. “We talked about that. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have done it, but anyway, there’s a lot of positivity that came out of it. It highlighted all of my charities and that was really fortunate to me.” Then, during an EXCLUSIVE interview in February, she told us that she’s “fed up with being the target” of her co-stars.  “I’m a kind and compassionate person, and I’m fed up with being the target of these women. This is the fourth season I’ve been a target,” she said.

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