Libra bad traits: What are the bad traits of Libra?

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Libra season starts on September 23 and takes us all the way up to Scorpio season on October 23. Kim Kardashian, Will Smith, Julie Andrews, and Simon Cowell are all famous Libras. This airy sign tends to be loved by the masses, but they have to have some flaws, right? reveals Libra’s bad traits.

Libra is depicted by the scales, and that is no coincidence.

Libra literally means scales in Latin and pound in Spanish.

The sign got its name because its constellation looks a little bit like a set of scales.

Astrologers can always link the sign’s symbol to the traits of people born under it.

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What are Libras like?

According to Sue Tompkins’ The Contemporary Astrologer’s Handbook, Libra is all about equality– just like the scales.

However, they are concerned with equality in the sense of justice and partnership.

Libra is great at compromising and building bridges, which is why they are so drawn to marriage and great at it.

You will often see Librans in the legal profession or doing something that is concerned with diplomacy.

What are the bad traits of Libra?

While Librans are peaceful, cooperative, and fair-minded, they also have their fair share of flaws.


Libra is obsessed with beauty and refinement, and they dislike anything unattractive.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so they are all about romance and pretty things.

They may judge based on appearance, and stick around people who fit their ideal.

This vanity may also be manifested as materialism and shallowness.

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Libra hates getting their hand dirty and prefers someone else doing their dirty work for them.

This can often come across as very lazy.

They are concerned with beauty, pleasure, and will weigh up what the best option for them is.

However, their charm and passion for justice means they are easily forgiven for this.


Libra’s need for harmony makes them very indecisive.

They are always striving for balance, and when making a choice they always take this into consideration.

Librans can’t make up their minds about even the little decisions such as what to watch on TV or what takeaway to order.

This trait can transfer into their relationships and makes them unable to fully commit unless they are 100% head over heels in love.

It may also mean your Libran friend cancels on you at the last minute– they can be flaky.

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