Lip filler doctor recalls her 'weirdest' requests

Lip filler doctor recalls her ‘weirdest’ requests – from treating a man who tried to enlarge his penis by injecting it with Vaseline to an infected lip EXPLODING with ‘rotten fish- smelling’ pus

  • Anonymous lip filler doctor, from UK, revealed some of her ‘weirdest’ requests
  • Recalled how patient’s infected lip ‘exploded’ with ‘disgusting’ fish-smelling pus 
  • Claimed many treat under 18s and some use same needle on different clients

A lip filler doctor has revealed some of her ‘weirdest’ requests – from treating a guy who had used Vaseline to inject it into his penis to an infected lip exploding ‘rotten fish’ smelling pus over her top.

The anonymous doctor, from the UK, who claims an injector on London’s Harley Street can make over £100,000 a year, admitted that she’s often questioned what some people are doing to themselves. 

Recalling one particular occasion where she put a tiny needle into a patient’s infected lip, she told Refinery 29 UK: ‘The patient was in severe pain and the infection was draining from the cheek area, so this whole mass of infected filler was trapped in her face right down to the lip.’

‘As I applied the needle, it popped and exploded. It literally burst onto my top and a bit went on the corner on my chin, luckily away from my mouth. It was disgusting because it was pus mixed with old filler, so it was this white, paste-like material.’ 

An anonymous lip filler doctor, from the UK, has revealed some of her ‘weirdest’ requests – from treating a guy who had used Vaseline to inject it into his penis to an infected lip exploding ‘rotten fish’ smelling pus over her top. Pictured, stock image

But despite the stomach-churning procedure which stunk of ‘rotten fish’, the expert admitted her client was relieved with the results because she was instantly out of pain. 

The lip filler doctor went on to explain that the worst thing she’s ever experienced was treating a man who had injected Vaseline into his penis after reading online that it could help to enlarge it. 

The professional, who was shown the lumps on the patient’s intimate area, told how the skin was an ‘absolute state’ and had expanded due to the Vaseline which was stuck in the tissue and reacting to it.

‘Part of it was infected and part of it was necrosed, so it was dying,’ she recalled. ‘I think he thought the skin tissue was bruised but it was dying. Again there was an odour coming from the area. I had to send him to the hospital straight away.’

The lip filler doctor also admitted that she does turn clients away ‘a lot’ and referenced one particular adult entertainer who wanted her Cupid’s bow gone. 

She told how the woman wanted her top lip so full that it replicated that of a blow up doll, however the expert refused because it goes against her policy.

The professional revealed how some lip filler doctors treat under 18s and even use the same needle on different clients. Pictured, stock image

Keen to emphasise the darker side of the beauty industry, the lip filler doctor also revealed that there are many injectors who will treat under 18s.

She even told how she had the mother of one girl asking whether she could book her in for lip filler if she gave her consent – and claimed she turned defensive when she was given a resounding ‘no.’

The expert, who also warned that some places use counterfeit products and told how some shockingly share the same syringe on two clients, claimed she knew of one nurse who injected saline into the lips to make her clients think they were having the pricey product when it was in fact, just water. 

Elsewhere, she told how she has often seen sex in exchange for treatments on Harley Street and remembered how she was once propositioned herself.

She noted how she was asked if there was ‘any other way to pay’ before being told by the client that she and her last lip filler doctor has ‘come to an understanding.’ 

The lip filler doctor, who has celebrity clientele, also recalled how she was once left gobsmacked after being contacted by a star’s agent who revealed their fee was  £8,000.

She laughed at the idea of having to pay the celebrity for the honour of treating them and confirmed that she asked her assistant to turn them away. However, she did say that the A-listers are never as cheeky and often pre-pay and even send Christmas cards.

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