London underground driver leaves people in stitches with onboard commentary

Usually commuting is not the most exciting thing.

Being bundled together on public transport is often the low point of many people’s day.

From not being able to get a seat to embarrassingly getting stuck in the closing doors – it is not much fun.

However, one underground train driver in London has spread a bit of festive cheer with her hilarious on-board commentary.

Fatima Sara caught the moment on camera and has shared the light hearted video to TikTok under the username @shop.fem.

At first, in tune of the Christmas classic jingle bells the driver starts to sing: “Mind the doors, mind the doors, mind the doors I say, oh what fun it is to ride on the Northern Line today, hey.”

Hilariously, the driver then said: “Even when I sing it, people still try and get stuck in the doors, what's a girl to do.”

Leaving the festive anthems behind her, the train driver continued to speak over the tannoy about an eyebrow mishap, leaving commuters in stitches.

“Had my eyebrows tattooed on Thursday, a bit dark.”

“And I went home and my four year old said to me 'oh mummy you look a bit fierce' and I was like what fierce?”

“Fierce like Beyoncé?”

But her child did not think she resembled the pop superstar.

Mortifyingly her kid replied: “No mummy just scary.”

The driver then continued: “I don’t think I look like Gru from Despicable Me.

“But if you see them minions in car five they belong to me.”

Tickled by the driver’s commentary, many people took to the comments to praise the happy-go-lucky woman.

One person commented: “Someone get her a podcast right now.”

Another user added: “Bless her she’s just tryna have fun.”

While a third person voiced: “This kinda train ride would be the highlight of my day not going to lie.”

Someone else noted: “She is an icon.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user remarked: “I proper love this – so wholesome and sweet.”

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