Love Island star shocks fans by revealing what time contestants go to bed

AfterEkin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti were crowned the winners of the latest series ofLove Island, a whole new host of singletons will be thinking about applying for the next season of the show.

And while spending your days in a sun-soaked villa in Mallorca may seem like a dream come true, a stay in the Love Island villa requires contestants to abide by a strict set of weird and wonderful rules.

Fromhaving shaving razors confiscated to having their own phones removed, a variety of former Love Islanders have given fans a glimpse of what life on the show is actually like.

Most recently, bombshell Billy Brown took to his Instagram to take part in a Q&A where he answered questions from his followers about his time on the programme.

As part of the Q&A session, one fan asked the 23 year old: “What time did you guys have to go to bed in the villa?”

Though Islanders aren’t allowed to know the time during their stay in the villa, the former contestant did his best to answer the query.

“This is the crazy thing because you actually don't know the time in the villa,” he explained.

However, hinting that Love Island stars often face many late nights while filming for the show, he added: “But the last day when I got kicked out it was six in the morning.”

Billy isn’t the first reality TV star to dish some behind-the-scenes secrets about filming for the show. Former Winter Love Island contestant and OK! columnistShaughna Phillips opened up about what happens during a typical recoupling.

Speaking as part of a Q&A with OK!,Shaughna said a recoupling can “take hours” to film depending on how many couples are in the villa and how many retakes are needed.

As a result, she revealed that contestants are often awake so late into the night that they can hear the birds chirping at dawn.

“You can hear the birds start chirping and you're like 'oh my god, I should really be going to bed right now’,” she said.

“I remember there would be times when some of the girls would sit on the beanbags and one of us would literally cry 'cause we were so tired,” Shaughna continued.

“You've just got to wait for one more thing to happen and if that one scene, or that one conversation, takes ages you're like 'just do what they're asking you to do 'cause you're just knackered.”


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