Love Island stars ‘beg producers for cigarettes’ and refuse to move until they’re allowed to smoke

There are a number ofLove Islandrules that have seen the light of day this year thanks to former contestants sharing their experiences of living in the villa.

Amy Harthas been particularly outspoken on TikTok about what Islanders do whenthey get their periodand therules for napping in the day. And previouslySharon Gaffkadiscussedhow things work when it comes to smoking.

The TV star revealed they'll "ask" for breaks outside the villa using "limited" supplies. However, former IslandersJack FinchamandShaughna Phillipsexplained exactly what happened to them when they wanted to smoke and the protests they started.

During a video Q&A Jack, 31, and Shaughna, 28, answered a question on whether any drama happened in the smoking area.

Jack said while he laughed about the story now, he remembers noticing that his cigarettes had gone missing and “the only one who smoked the same ones at me at the time was Georgia Steele”. He added: “She nicked my cigarettes.”

He explained that when he wanted to go for a break he was “completely blanked.”

Jack said: “Sometimes I refused to move. I said ‘I'm not going anywhere until you let me out there’ and sometimes they'd completely blank you.”

Shaughna agreed, remembering something similar happening to her during her stint on the show.

She said: “You're only allowed to go out there on your own. You would ask to go for a cigarette and they'd just ignore you.”

The former Islander explained that she went up to the cameras and said she would talk about “how many followers she had” until producers let her go outside.

While Sharon previously toldThe Sun: "I don't remember there being smokers when I was there, but I know if you were you would have your cigarettes allocated to you in a lunch box and you'd have to ask a member of production.

"I'm not sure if they got rationed, but I remember those lunch boxes had people's name on for cigarettes.

"If you wanted a cigarette you would have to say into your microphone 'I really want to go for a cigarette'.

"They'd say, 'OK, we'll get someone from production to supervise you and it'll take place outside the front door somewhere'.

"You would go there, you would have your cigarette and then you'd go straight back in. You wouldn't be on your own, it would be you and a member of production."


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