Man, 22, stunned when people mistake his age-defying mum for his girlfriend

Thankfully, the mother’s anti-ageing secrets have been revealed.

Daily Star Online caught up with her son, Jonathan, who was happy to spill his parent’s top tips.

He said: “My mum lives a pretty healthy life so she eats healthy and workouts regularly.

“She also makes sure to stay hydrated and is always reminding me to drink water.

“So I think eating healthy, working out regularly, and drinking lots of water would be the main reason she stays looking so young.

“But she is also an aesthetician and knows a lot about skin care and has a full skin care routine that she does religiously.

“She actually helped me with my skin issues as well and gave me a solid skin care routine to follow.”

While his mum regularly turns heads with her ageless beauty, Jonathan admitted that she’s not fond of being in the limelight.

He admitted: “I’m pretty overwhelmed and so is my mum.

“I had no idea that it would be so popular let alone viral.

“We are just a bit taken back by all of this…

“My mom is a super private person that doesn’t like attention so she’s pretty shocked and embarrassed that I posted our photos.

“She actually doesn’t even like taking photos unless with my brother and I or our family.”

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