Man Accused of Murdering Tinder Date Slits Own Throat In Court

Aubrey Trail previously claimed he accidentally killed Sydney Loofe after a sex game with three women went wrong.

A man accused of killing his girlfriend’s Tinder date tried to kill himself at his own murder trial on Monday.

Aubrey Trail, 52, and his 24-year-old girlfriend Bailey Boswell are charged with the first degree murder of Sydney Loofe, also 24. The Nebraska courthouse was thrown into chaos on Monday morning when Trail slit his own throat after listening to a witness testimony.

"Bailey is innocent, and I curse you all," he shouted before slicing his neck with a concealed blade. A video of the incident shows deputies and court staff rushing to him amid horrified screams as the judge looks on.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, blood spilled from his neck as he fell out of the wheelchair he had been using.

He was rushed to hospital; one of his defense attorneys later confirmed he had survived and is expected back in court when the trial resumes on Tuesday.

After the shocking incident Judge Vicky Johnson ordered the jury to "disregard the outburst" and not consider it in their deliberations. She also warned them to "absolutely" not watch any media coverage of the incident. "I am going to order that Mr. Trail appear in handcuffs for the rest of the trial for obvious reasons," she added.

Loofe was reported missing on November 16, 2017, two days after a date with Bailey, whom she had met on Tinder.

Video surveillance from November 15 shows Trail and Bailey buying items from Home Depot that authorities believe were used in the "dismemberment and disposal" of the victim, court documents show.

Before they were even arrested, the couple posted a ten minute video on social media, titled "our side of the story", in which they proclaimed their innocence. But while in prison for an unrelated offense, Trail later called reporters, telling them he had accidentally suffocated Loofe in a sexual fantasy gone wrong.

He said he and Loofe were engaged in a consensual sex game with two other women — but not Bailey, as she was passed out from drugs in another room.

"It wasn’t supposed to go to the extreme it went, of course not," he said. "It wasn’t meant that she was to die."

"A life for a life — that’s the rules in my world," he added. "I should be put to death."

Both Trail and Bailey face the death penalty if found guilty. Her trial begins in October.

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