Mark Wright and Michelle’s Keegan’s mansion compared to Home Alone house as it’s covered in snow

Just a few short weeks on from moving into their newly renovated home, Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have enjoyed the first snow of the season, with their lavish mansion even being compared to the Home Alone house as a result.

Taking to Instagram to document the arctic deluge of powder white snow, Mark shared a short video clip that showed the scale of the snowfall currently blanketing his home, amid an ongoing period of bitterly cold weather sweeping through the UK.

In the clip, several centimetres of snow could be seen coating the ground and trees, while snow continued to fall from the sky.

Resembling a festive scene from a Christmas card, the home’s elaborate holiday lighting provided a pop of colour to the garden, with plenty of green, orange and yellow lights illuminating the exterior of the house.

A large illuminated wreathe in the same colour scheme could also be seen above the main upstairs window, while large white lights were dotted around the roof’s entire perimeter.

While many fans were quick to comment on how stunningly picturesque the scene was, one eagle eyed fan soon commented that they thought it bore a striking resemblance to the home used in 1990’s Home Alone.

“If there ever was another Home Alone Home! Beautiful!,” gushed the fan as they commented on the video which had already wracked up an impressive 61,634 views at the time of writing.

A second fan also agreed that there was a distinct similarity, as they added : “It’s like the English version of the home alone house.. you have to put a moving cut out in the window “

With a third soon echoing the sentiment as they commented: “Looks like something from Home Alone! Stunning!”

Dozens more comments also shared similar feelings, with many seeing a clear nod to the iconic Christmas home, even if not a direct imitation.

Taking a closer look at the original home used in the classic movie, it’s easy to see why fans have made the connection, as both the Wright’s home and the house used to film do share a few similarities.

These include both properties featuring illuminated door wreathes and the liberalise of circular lights to emphasise the property edges.

In Mark and Michelle’s case, the lights are around the roof edge, whereas the Home Alone house opted to illuminate each window frame.

The structural designs of the home themselves are also similar, with both properties featuring a similar roof shape and upstairs window design.

Could the Wright home be the perfect location for any future British Home Alone revival?


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