Mary-Kate Olsen Might Be Wearing a $700 Version of This Accessory That's Normally $6

Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen was seen for the first time since finalizing her divorce in New York wearing a hairstyle favored by middle schoolers and an outfit preferred by millionaires. Even in 2021, some things never change.

For this momentous stepping out, Olsen wore her hair in two braids underneath a chunky black ribbed beanie. This is an accessory she's often seen wearing and back in October she wore an oversized beige one without her wedding ring.

If we had to guess, we'd go ahead and assume Olsen is wearing a $700 cashmere beanie from her and her sister's brand, The Row, because that would only be fitting. Wouldn't you wear a $700 cashmere beanie that you designed just because? New York Minute MK definitely would have approved.

Admiring Olsen's look also had us realizing that the beanie, while overly represented in Brooklyn, hasn't been seen as frequently in celebrity street style even though it's the perfect practical accessory for a cold New York evening and typically costs just $6. Maybe it's all the skater boys in Carhartt giving this accessory a bad rep but Olsen flawlessly demonstrates how to pull a high fashion look in one with her expert layering.

The base of her look was naturally her favorite $850 Bottega Veneta sneakers. The rest featured a white button down, a long cream coat, and a pair of pleated gray pants, which we can only assume are all The Row since they each looked extremely delectable as only something by The Row can.

It appears that her oversized bag is The Row's $2,250 Margaux bag and, while we admit we're disappointed it isn't the infamous $39,000 backpack, we'll take whatever Olsen sighting we can get these days. Especially if we can attempt to recreate our favorite part with a $6 dupe.

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