McDonald’s worker ‘can tell how you look from your order’ – except for one item

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    A McDonald's employee said a meal order could reveal a lot about the customer's character.

    Ella, who works behind the till at the fast food giant, has an idea of what people look like when they order specific burgers.

    So she took it to TikTok and shared it with viewers "in the nicest way possible".

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    She started by saying: "I work at McDonald's and this is what people typically look like who order these things."

    The popular double-stacked Big Mac is usually middle-aged men's choice whereas middle-aged women are likely to get a quarter pound cheeseburger.

    "Filet-O-Fish" – the fish and tartare sauce combo – mostly has a customer base of elderly people.

    And Ella suggested people who ordered any burger without a bun tend to be "female lifestyle bloggers".

    In her second video, she said young men in their late teens to mid 20s are likely to order a share box of 20 chicken nuggets.

    Young women usually go to McDonald's and order a Happy Meal.

    "McChicken sandwich – I feel like this is the most common but everyone who orders this is mostly a '30-year-old couple'," she added.

    "And everyone loves an apple pie because we are literally always out of these.

    "I swear people love them."

    Viewers were in stitches and related themselves to one of the "stereotypes".

    One said: "I screamed 'me' at 20 nuggets and I saw the photo…this is a violation."

    A second commented: "Oh my God every time I go with my grandparents and they got the Filet-O-Fish!"

    "Literally! I work at McDonald's too and this is very accurate," a third added.

    But some said they felt "exposed", with one saying: "I have the nugget sharebox to myself and I wear hoodies…this is so true I'm crying."

    Others who ordered burgers with no bun defended themselves as they said they are "coeliac" or have gluten intolerance.


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