Molly Moore Teams With Maty Noyes For ‘Handsomer,’ The Self-Worth Anthem You Need Today

With major ‘boss’ energy and nails to die for, Molly Moore and Maty Noyes remind you of your power while bringing a smile in ‘Handsomer,’ and HL has the EXCLUSIVE premiere of this new music video.

With a pair of pink business suits, a healthy dash of 90s nostalgia – remember Dream Phone? – and plenty of attitude, Molly Moore and Maty Noyes unleash the empowerment anthem of 2020 with “Handsomer,” off of Molly’s forthcoming debut album. In the music video, premiering here at HollywoodLife, two unsuspecting women play Fun Boys only to find out they’re anything but. After one too many unsolicited nudes and one Chad having no chill, Molly and Maty roll up in a red convertible to remind these ladies what’s important in life. “I don’t need a man / I need a manicure,” they sing on the banger’s chorus, expertly summing up the importance of self-care in a catchy line that will get stuck in your head for weeks.

Written after Molly experienced “a very tough-to-take breakup,” and watching her ex quickly move on, “Handsomer” is an anti-f-ckboy rallying call. It’s a song that applies to anyone who needs a reminder that they’re “handsomer” than those dudes who slide into your DMs, only to just waste your time. It’s also a blast to watch. The color of the video is as vibrant as the infectious track. And, as Molly tells HollywoodLife, it was just as fun to make as it is to watch. “Initially, Maty and I wanted to shoot the music video for ‘Handsomer’ in a nail salon,” she says, “but due to COVID we couldn’t.”

“When we moved into our house together in May,” Molly tells HollywoodLife, “one of the first nights there we were in the backyard brainstorming ideas when Maty was hit with the concept. Since the essence of the song is about self-worth, empowerment, not needing anybody else to feel complete, we wanted to paint that image while still making people laugh. It only felt right to cast all our friends and shoot it at our house – Dillon Petrillo and Brittany Freece, who directed & produced, have done a lot of work with Maty before, and we knew they would bring it to a whole other level entirely. We were laughing the entire time we shot this video, I’ve truly never enjoyed making a music video as much as this one.”

“Handsomer is a self-love, self-worth anthem,” Maty tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s easy to get caught up when someone is not treating you right, but it’s amazing what can happen when we come together, lift each other up, and focus on ourselves rather than stressing about people who don’t appreciate us. The energy is electric and pulls others near – that’s exactly what the video is about. We play superheroes of self-love in this video and practice that every day in our lives.”

“Handsomer: comes from Molly’s forthcoming album, Voice on the Internet, out on Nov. 13. Her voice was previously heard as one-half of Cosmos & Creature. While in the group, Molly shared the stage with acts like Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha, and Jesse McCartney. Following Cosmos & Creature’s breakup, Molly has developed her own voice with tracks like “IRL,” “I love you but I don’t like you,” and “Be Here Now.”

Voice on the Internet is slated for a Nov. 13 release. “Handsomer” is out now.


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