Mum describes ‘horror film’ moment she watched baby son’s pram roll into lake

A mum has relived the horror moment that she thought her one-year-old son would die as his pram rolled into a lake.

Camille Wood, from Surrey, had been out walking her dog near Broadwater Lake when the incident took place.

The mum was with her son Samson and lurcher, Etta, when she left the pushchair on the path to pick up her dog's ball.

Surrey Live reports that when she turned around the pram started to roll into the lake – which she describes as "the stuff of nightmares".

Ms Wood said: “I was throwing the ball for Etta when she dropped it in a bush so I set the pushchair on the level path and turned to get the ball.

“Samson must have rocked himself onto the slope of the embankment and as I turned back I watched in horror as the buggy rolled very quickly down the bank and landed face down in the water.

"I screamed but no one came, the whole lake suddenly seemed deserted. So I jumped in, pulled him to the surface, unstrapped him and stood "here holding him and screaming for help.

“It was the stuff of nightmares, I thought he was going to die. I was stuck in my very own horror film."

While trying to keep her and Samson afloat she started screaming for help.

Luckily a passing jogger spotted them and jumped in to save them.

She said: "Finally our gentleman jogger came round the corner, pulled us both out, hugged us, talked me down and even suggested I go back in and save my son's beloved bunny that was fast floating away.

"So I jumped back in a second time and he in fact helped save three of us. Then he walked us back to our van and eventually carried on his jog."

Ms Wood would like to thank the jogger for saving her and her son’s life, but she has not been able to find him and does not know his name.

She is appealing to anyone who may know any information.

"I'm kicking myself that I didn't get his name. I know he has children of his own that are now grown as he told me they got into a fair few scrapes themselves, and I think he's married, and he jogs at Broadwater Lake on a Tuesday afternoon," she said.

"I'm going to go and scope the place out this this coming Tuesday with a very expensive bottle of something for him on the off chance we run into him."

She added: “If you’re reading this, I would just like to say thank you so much.

"I honestly don't know where I would have been without you, both in getting us both out safely and coming down from that blind panic.

"Sorry we ruined your personal best and I hope you've smashed it now.”

Following the incident, Ms Wood is urging other mothers with young children to check the brakes on their pushchairs, even when left resting on a level surface.

She said: "Always check and double check the brakes on your buggies are on girls, even on level ground.

"When a pushchair is in motion it goes very fast, faster than even a panicked mother and that's saying something."

Are you Camille and Samson's lake rescuer? Contact us at [email protected]

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