Mum dies of Covid-19 complications before she’s able to hold newborn daughter

A California mother never got the chance to hold her newborn baby girl after dying from Covid-19 complications less than a month after giving birth.

Vanessa Gonzalez was diagnosed with Covid-19 on November 4, just days before her due date.

Despite her health issues, Gonzalez gave birth to her healthy daughter named Heaven on November 9.

But the hospital forbade her from holding her newborn girl and being in the same room as her.

Days later Gonzalez was released from hospital but told she must self-isolate at home but not come into close contact with her daughter.

“She didn’t ever get to hold her baby. And she didn’t get to ever see her,” her husband Alfonso said.

“I was, like, ‘We have to separate you guys. You have to be separated. I know you want to see the baby. We’ll FaceTime! We’ll FaceTime with the baby’.”

Gonzalez’s only time seeing Heaven was on FaceTime, despite being physically just a wall away.

Alfonso said his wife was”shattered” and “broken”.

“I would show the baby on FaceTime and it would just break her. She just wanted to hold the baby.”

But Gonzalez’s condition deteriorated.

A day after returning home, she had a heart attack causing brain injury and was eventually transported to UCLA Medical Centre.

Alfonso Gonzalez said the doctors believe it was related to her infection.

Vanessa Gonzalez lingered for a month on a ventilator before she died, just before Christmas.

She left two young sons and her newborn Heaven.

Alfonso said he’s tried to remain strong for all his children while mourning the loss of his wife.

“If I break, then they’re gonna break, you know what I mean? I can’t show that,” Alfonso said.

He told USA Today his new daughter’s name offered some comfort.

“The name is prophetic of what was about to happen to mum,” Alfonso said.

“Mum was about to go to heaven.”

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