Mum explains that we’ve all been tying our dressing gowns wrong this whole time

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Nowadays you may feel as though you live in your dressing gown.

In between working from home and homeschooling a lot of us have put personal presentation on the back burner in favour of comfort, and why on earth not?

But what if we were to tell you that you had been tying your dressing gown cord wrong this entire time?

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Well, that is what one TikTok user, Megan Garland, believes and she created an instructional video on the social media site to rectify this problem.

The mum of three, wearing an enviable fluffy purple robe, put the belt through the loops across the front, instead of the back.

Next she then pulled the ends back round and tied the belt in a bow at the front.

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Megan’s method means that the dressing gown is more secure as it will not pull at the back when you move around and then potentially untie.

Many online seemed to really love the tip, with one person commenting: “Omg I wondered why mine always untied itself.”

A second added: “This is way better. Thank you. It feels much more comfortable.”

While a third wrote: “Definitely more secure and discreet for the day spa.”

However some people were not as excited by the tip and did not really see the use in it.

One wrote: "I tried it and didn’t like it."

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Another commented: "It seems more complicated. How do you get it off?"

A third added: “How do you get it on and off? Unloop the belt each time? You underestimate my laziness”.

TikTok is also awash with many brilliant cleaning hacks and recently a woman, known online as aligrams3, showcased how to clean a bathtub with just a grapefruit and some sugar.

All you have to do is cut a grapefruit and then "put sugar on the flesh side”.

She then showcased the piece of fruit after it has been dusted in sugar granules, no doubt to act as an exfoliant for bathroom grime.

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Ali then began rubbing the bathtub with the fruit, instructing viewers to “start scrubbing” because “the acidity helps removes soap scum”. And it worked!

Who knew? Off to clean our bathtub and put on our dressing gown, be right back…

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