Mum furious at nursery who gave four-year-old daughter a henna tattoo

A furious mum has slammed a nursery who gave her four-year-old daughter a henna tattoo.

The mum says she was not asked for permission about the black patterns left on the back of her daughter's hand and wrist.

She said she was "baffled" by the decision of the nursery, reports Hull Live.

She said although she doesn't think it's dangerous, she's "miffed" the nursery thought it okay to give her daughter the tattoo and wondered whether she should complain or not.

The nursery said the girl "insisted" on having it done.

Wanting advice on whether to complain or not, the mum asked other parents for their views on parenting website, Mumsnet.

She said: "When my DH (darling husband) picked up our DD (darling daughter) (4) from nursery one of the staff said she had drawn DDs initials in Henna on Dds hand because Dd insisted. DH did not complain.

"I am baffled as to why the nursery would have Henna out in the first place. It is brown Henna and I don’t think it is particularly dangerous but I am quite miffed that nursery staff thought it was ok to give my 4 year old a temporary tattoo. Would you complain about this?"

Other parents were just as shocked by the nursery's actions, with one pointing out that Henna cause cause allergic reactions in some people.

One mum said: "That’s really bad and an awful lot of people have reactions to Henna. I’d be furious." 
Another said: "I wouldn't be happy at all. I'd make a complaint and ask them not to do anything of the sort again."

Another mum pointed out that just because the girl asked for it, doesn't mean the nursery should have given in to her demands.

She said: "How is your DD insisting on this so firmly that she can't be told no? What if she insists on climbing on a roof?!

"Why was it there in the first place and why can't they tell a four year old no?"

However not all parents thought it was a huge issue.

One mum said: "Would find it a bit hard to get worked up about this tbh."

Another told the mum to "get a grip." She said: "My god so you'd complain to the teachers if your DC drew permanent marker on herself too?

"Get a grip, seriously."

Another said: "How do some people have the energy to be angry and upset about things like this?"

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