Mum loved baby’s ‘romantic’ name picked by partner – until she found out meaning

A mum admitted she loved her husband's unusual choice of baby name for their new daughter.

That was until she found out what it actually meant.

The parent thought her partner was being imaginative, original and romantic when he chose Lanesra.

However, romance was not on his mind as the name referenced one of his passions with the moniker – Arsenal football team.

The truth was in fact Lanesra wasn't a girl's baby name – it was 'Arsenal' spelt backwards.

However it took mum Clare, from New South Wales, Australia, two whole years to discover what her mischievous hubby has been up to with the name.

The name fiasco was revealed in magazine Take Five, with the cutting soon going viral.

Other football fans were left giggling over the naughty antics of their fellow supporter.

It seems the woman's partner wasn't the only fan up to the mischief though.

A football-crazy wife originally from Spain also tricked her husband with the name, and said he had accepted the name unquestioningly, believing it was due to "her Spanish side".

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