Mum-to-be accuses husband of prioritising attractive female colleague

Pregnant woman reveals her fury at discovering her husband drives an ‘attractive’ colleague to work – and even books her a TAXI when he’s not going in – but some call monitoring his behaviour ‘controlling’

  • UK-based woman said her husband has been driving a female colleague to work
  • He didn’t tell her about the car rides and books her taxis when he’s unavailable
  • Posting on Mumsnet, said she’s pregnant but husband doesn’t drive her to shops
  • Responses were torn as some argued the mother-to-be is being ‘controlling’ 

A pregnant woman who discovered her husband has been driving an ‘attractive’ female colleague to work and booking taxis for her when he’s unavailable has divided opinion after accusing him of prioritising his co-worker over her.

Posting anonymously on Mumsnet, the UK-based wife explained she recently found out that her other half has picked up the woman on his way to work on multiple occasions.

The mother-to-be said she’s ‘not bothered’ by the gesture but is concerned that her husband didn’t ask if she was comfortable with it first.

She added that her husband ‘can’t be bothered’ to drive her to the supermarket despite her being pregnant with their first child, but acknowledged she may sound ‘hormonal and insane’. 

Many responses to the thread agreed they too would question their partner’s decision to book taxis for a colleague if he can’t give them a lift – however others argued the woman is being ‘controlling’ of her husband’s behaviour. 

An anonymous woman from the UK has sparked a debate about your partner driving an attractive colleague to work, without asking for permission first (file image)

Posting on Mumsnet, the woman explained her husband of two years has ‘clearly prioritised’ his colleague instead of her – despite being pregnant 

Sharing her concerns, the woman wrote: ‘My husband and I have been together for  seven years and married for two… baby #1 on the way in a few months. Naturally feeling big and hormonal.

‘Just recently I found out that my husband on multiple occasions has been picking [up] his female colleague (attractive) on the way to work. Maybe twice alone? And the other occasions with another male colleague.

‘What bothers me is that my husband didn’t have the decency to just say or ask if it would be okay to pick up a female colleague. There’s no mention of her when he’s up earlier than usual some days? Assuming to pick her up. I can’t help but feel annoyed and jealous.

‘He’s even offered to book taxis on the day he says he can’t pick her up which I find strange. He has clearly prioritised this colleague of his when most days my husband can’t even be bothered to drop me off so I can go supermarket [sic].’ 

A stream of responses to the post argued the husband doesn’t need her permission to pick up a colleague.

‘OP I think you’re being a little jealous and insecure. He doesn’t need to ask your permission to pick up a colleague. He also picks up a male one. Personally I’d not see it as a big deal and I’m not sure I’d even remember to mention it. You get if he wants to he can be alone with her at work right?’ one wrote.

Another said: ‘Why is the taxi bit weird? I’m presuming work pay for the taxi and when you say “he arranged” maybe he simply asked someone else to book it for her. Stop looking for monsters where they don’t exist.

‘He’s being a decent human and helping someone get to work. I hope one day when you need help, someone will be kind enough to give it to you too without your husband automatically thinking the worst.’

A third added: ‘OP, I’m heavily pregnant too. I have absolutely no idea who my partner gives lifts too. Neither am I bothered. You sound very controlling.’

A stream of responses accused the woman of being ‘controlling’ and argued her husband doesn’t need to ask for permission 

Others reassured the woman that she isn’t overreacting and admitted they would also find her husband’s behaviour suspicious.

One person wrote: ‘I’d be upset about Covid risk when pregnant. Car sharing is putting you at increased risk. Also agree taxi thing is just strange!’

‘The taxi part is strange and a bit suspicious. I would say it sounds like he has a soft sport for her, that’s a bit overly attentive towards a colleague for my liking. Maybe he was just being nice,’ another said.

A third added: ‘I don’t think you’re overreacting. Why is he offering to sort taxis? That is odd! Why has he not discussed this with you before car sharing? Are you in the UK – it’s illegal here. 

‘Think of it the other way around – would you sort taxis for a male colleague – or any colleague for that matter, unless it’s your job?’

Others said they would also be suspicious if their husband was giving another woman lifts and booking taxis for her 

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