Mum-to-be blasted for placing used pregnancy test on top of celebration cake

A woman marked her pregnancy news with a cake.

The celebratory gateaux was iced with pretty white icing.

It also featured calligraphy on its top, displaying the hand-piped message: “We’re pregnant”.

At first glance, the cake seems to be an adorable idea.

That’s until you notice the happy couple has slapped a used pregnancy on top of it.

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People were stunned when they realised a pregnancy test had been popped onto the cake.

The urine-soaked utensil definitely doesn’t make the sweet treat look very appetising.

Pictures of the announcement cake were posted to in the “Well, That’s Certainly A Cake Wreck” group on Facebook.

The snap racked up 1,100 likes and hundreds of comments.

And unsurprisingly, no one was a fan of the unconventional cake topper.

One commenter remarked: "Dude, I don't care if you put the lid back on it… don't stick something you peed on on a cake!

“That should not have to be said!”

Another exclaimed: "That's f****** gross.

“Hands down no amount of bleach that could ever make that okay."

A third added: "I don't even like bringing food into a bathroom let alone putting a whizz stick on the food… even if they bleached it that is still uncomfortable and not appetising in any way.”

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Others hoped that the image was a joke, with some wishing the pregnancy test wasn’t real.

A responder said: “Maybe the pregnancy stick is just very realistic fondant? Somehow I doubt that though."

Another agreed: "A malformed fondant pregnancy test would be better."

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