Mum transforms dolls house into superhero version for £35

When one boy asked for a dolls house for his superhero toys, his mum could only find traditional pink ones on the market – so she transformed one herself.

She managed to create Spiderman and Marvel themed wallpaper and painted the rest of the walls.

She used metallic flooring and then covered the outside in brick wallpaper after picking up some free wallpaper.

The whole thing cost just £35 and it’s been a big hit with all her children.

Posting on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook page, she said: ‘Here is my 3 year old boy’s dream house.

‘Last year he wanted Father Christmas to bring him a Barbie house and this year he wanted a “bigger Barbie house”.

‘As he spent most of his time playing with Hulk and Spider-Man in the original Barbie house I put on my thinking cap and here is the result!

‘Completed for a total of around £35, including the house, which I bought from marketplace.

‘He (and his two older sisters!) love it!’

She later explained how she’d done the transformation on a budget.

She spent £12.60 on the flooring from the range, then used tester pots for painting from B&Q, craft paper from The Range, stickers from eBay and the free wall paper samples.

She added: ‘I just used PVA to stick it on. I took the whole house apart to do all the painting and covering as it was so much easier to get neat edges.

‘The windows are edged in insulation tape to stop the paper from catching and peeling. I also painted some bits of dolls furniture, just with acrylic paint.’

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