Mum who never cheated left baffled as DNA test shows child is not her husband’s

A mum is feeling rather confused after a baffling result from a DNA test she took.

The young woman, who remains anonymous, noticed something strange in one of her kids which led her to take a test.

She decided to opt for a secret DNA test on her daughter to find out the results.

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It came back that it was her child, but her husband isn't the father of the baby.

She was left baffled as she's never had an affair with another man since meeting her husband.

People offered possible scenarios with the child having different DNA, even though the woman has remained faithful.

One commented: "I do believe her when she says she's not been with anyone besides her husband.

"Some professionals suggest a probability of a child carrying just one parent's DNA, and that, it's scientifically proven."

Another added: "What if she was drugged by the husband and his friend or a random man slept with his wife?

"And he wants to use it against her so he ends things with her? Or the man is impotent and the kids aren't his."

A third added: "She should do a maternity DNA test too."

The Ghanian woman had her situation shared by popular Facebook influencer David Bondze-Mbir, reports Legit.NG.

It emerged the young lady found out her child was not her husband's, despite never cheating.

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