Nationwide down: When can I make payments again?

NATIONWIDE customers have been left without access to their cash just days before Christmas Day.

The building society has released a statement saying it will be working hard to resolve the issue, and has even offered to refund those hit by the outage.

Can I make payments again on Nationwide?

Just days before Christmas, thousands of customers have been left without cash.

Nationwide account holders are currently unable to receive payments into their accounts.

The building society shared, "We are working hard to resolve the issue and apologise for any inconvenience caused."

The payment failure has been going since 7am this morning – December 21. 

Customers have began panicking on Twitter with worries they'll be unable to receive their wages and buy last-minute gifts.

One furious user shared, "How can you possibly excuse no payments going in or out 4 days before Xmas! Inexcusable! You’ll be losing me as a customer once Xmas is out of the way!! Nationwide are a joke!"



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Another person asked, "I am awaiting a payment. It has been sent. How long is this expected to last? Today is my only day to do my final shop before Christmas. Terrible timing no?"

The Nationwide account has been advising customers to await an update and to get in touch if they receive any charges.

Why is Nationwide down?

A Nationwide spokesperson said: “Unfortunately, there is currently a delay on outbound payments reaching people’s accounts as well as inbound payments reaching Nationwide current accounts.

Other services that are still working will allow customers to:

  • move money between Nationwide accounts
  • send money from your account(s), but this won’t go through straight away
  • use your cards online and in shops
  • log-in to our Internet Bank and Banking app
  • withdraw money at cash machines. 

Will I get refunds for missed payments?

The Nationwide Twitter page has responded to customers saying they are aware of the issue.

However they have not yet provided an estimate time frame on when payments can be made again.

More than 600 reports have been made on Downdetector so far, with problems occurring since 7am on Tuesday December 21.

Nationwide has promised to refund customers that were hit by outages yesterday, especially if they were charged for any late payment fees or similar.

The almost day-long hault of the building society's services panicked Brits as they were left without wages and payment access just days before Christmas.

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