Nationwide urges customers affected by January service issues to contact bank

Nationwide has given out £60 to customers hit by technical issues at the beginning of January that caused direct debits to fail.

The service crashed on January 4 leaving many customers unable to pay their bills or receive their wages – 20,000 direct debits failed in total and were resolved later that day.

The bank has around 15 million customers in total, but some of the few affected were unhappy with the service black-out.

And, it’s not the first outage confirmed to affect the bank as services have gone down at least three times since Christmas Eve.

To keep customers on side, the building society offered the money and has urged anyone else affected to contact them to discuss issues individually.

On Twitter, one customer said: "Leaving me stranded at the checkout while not getting access to my own money? £60? An absolute disgrace. Scandalous."

But another noted: "A £60 apology feels about in line with the inconvenience I suffered when making two transactions (on two different affected dates)."

Nationwide has reported that those who were affected should receive a letter and text message, if they have provided a mobile number to the building society, with further information on the payment, claims the Express.

They also advised customers to log into their internet banking or banking app and double check that any direct debits or standing orders they were due to pay have gone through.

Customers who note a missing payment are advised to contact the company they owe and explain the situation.

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Nationwide confirmed that it has already spoken to members who were affected and compensated them.

A spokesperson said: "We have contacted and compensated members who experienced a failed Direct Debit on 4th January as a result of not being able to transfer the necessary funds into their Nationwide accounts.

"We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

"Any member who experienced additional issues as a result of recent payment delays can contact us to discuss their circumstances.”

You can visit your closest branch to discuss payment issues, ring the 0800 302 011 number, or head to Twitter.

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