Nine rescue dogs facing heartbreaking second Christmas in kennels

RSPCA rescue dog in heartwarming Christmas advert

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Nine rescue dogs are facing the heartbreaking prospect of a second Christmas in kennels. The RSPCA has launched a special appeal to finally find the long-stay pooches loving forever homes.


Cody has been waiting for the right home for over 14 months.

But the two-year-old crossbreed, who is at the RSPCA’s Suffolk branch, is struggling to find the right match due to his nerves.

He is looking for a patient, understanding and experienced owner to continue his training as he can be frightened of new people and new situations.

However once he gets to know you he is playful and affectionate.


Yoko, a four-year-old terrier, arrived at Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home in Gloucestershire in May 2021.

But 19 months later he is still waiting to be adopted.

He is described as a “cheeky chap with a big personality” but he has a strong hunting drive and needs lots of stimulation to keep him occupied.


Clover, a young lurcher, has been at the RSPCA’s Bristol Animal Rescue Centre for almost 18 months.

She enjoys spending time with people and playing with a ball. She has a high chase instinct so will need to be kept on the lead out on walks but loves to run in a secure garden.

Clover’s ideal home would be one where she is the only pet and with no children.


Jake has spent nearly two years at the RSPCA Southridge Animal Centre in Hertfordshire.

The 10-year-old German Shepherd is enjoys cuddles and is described as sweet and affectionate.

He loves people but can be nervous of other dogs so is looking for experienced owners to help his training.


Kobe, a four-year-old German shepherd cross, was brought to the UK from overseas as a puppy.

He came into the RSPCA’s care over a year ago as his owners struggled to cope with his herding and guarding behaviour.

He has come on in leaps and bounds at the charity’s Stubbington Ark centre and needs owners to continue his progress.


Golden oldie Kuzey has been waiting for more than a year as rescuers believe potential adopters have been put off by his age and health issues.

The 10-year-old Akita is at the RSPCA Blackberry Animal Centre, in Aylesbury, but keeps being overlooked.

He has arthritis which he needs medication for but enjoys going for gentle walks.

He could live with older children but needs to be the only dog in the home.


Six-year-old Joe and eight-year-old Zac are keeping their paws crossed for a special home together after 18 months at the RSPCA Birmingham Animal Centre.

The pair of Alaskan Malamutes has been living as part of a large pack at a site in Wales and have never lived inside a home before.

They are looking for adopters with experience of the breed and would like a home with no other pets or children.

The bonded duo are described as having “big hearts with lots of love to give to the right people”.


Gucci has been waiting to be picked at the RSPCA Little Valley Animal Shelter since 2020.

The three-year-old Akita has been adopted twice but both times she was returned as she has complex needs.

She does not cope well being inside so is looking for a home where she can live in outdoor kennels as the only pet.

It comes after the RSPCA, which is facing pressure due to the cost of living crisis, launched its Join The Christmas Rescue campaign.

RSPCA pet welfare expert Dr Samantha Gaines said: “Every year the RSPCA is there for animals in need. This year, they need us more than ever. We’re all facing a winter like no other, but together we must make sure animals don’t pay the price of the cost of living crisis. We are asking people to join the Christmas rescue to help animals this Christmas.

“We’re beginning to see more animals coming into our care because their owners simply couldn’t afford to care for them any more; or, in the most extreme cases, having been neglected or abandoned due to the rising cost of pet care.

“Unfortunately, in some cases, they’ll be joining animals now set to spend their second Christmas in our centres without a home to call their own.

“Sadly, this is coming at the same time that potential pet owners are deciding now is not the best time to take on an animal due to the soaring cost of living, and feeling they cannot financially commit to adding a pet to their family at such a worrying time.

“For those who are able to bring a pet into their home, we are urging them to really consider adopting rather than buying.

“It’s one of the best ways people can help join the rescue this winter and help free up space for more rescue animals in urgent need of space.”

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