Nutritionist shares real reasons why you're craving something sweet

Are you craving sugar? Nutritionist reveals the three reasons behind your pesky 3pm slump – and how to fix it now

  • Laura Ford, from Melbourne, revealed the three reasons why you crave sugar
  • The reasons include not eating enough carbs or not getting enough sleep
  • Laura also said if you’re not eating enough in general, you’ll need a sugar hit 

A nutritionist has revealed the reasons behind your need for sugar every day in the afternoon, and it all comes down to three things.

Laura Ford, from Melbourne, explained the reason why you so often want a bar of chocolate, a biscuit or something sweet at 3pm isn’t because you need sugar, but rather your brain is craving something else.

‘There are three reasons why you crave sugar,’ Laura posted on TikTok.

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A nutritionist has revealed the reasons behind your need for sugar every day in the afternoon, and it all comes down to doing three things (Laura Ford pictured)


The first reason why you might want sugar in the afternoon is because you’re not eating enough carbohydrates at lunchtime.

‘If you skip your carbs at lunchtime, that means you’re missing out on a key nutrient that helps to give you energy throughout the afternoon,’ Laura said. 

To combat this, the nutritionist recommends that you eat some carbs with your meal, but keep an eye on your portion sizes to stop you from going overboard.

Laura is a fan of complex carbohydrates like sweet potato and brown rice, which are better for digestion and also keep you fuller for longer.

The second reason why you’re craving sugar is because you’re not eating enough – period, Laura (pictured) said


The second reason why you’re craving sugar is because you’re not eating enough – period.

‘If you’re not eating enough through the day, then you’re going to crave sugar because you need that energy hit,’ Laura said. 

You’re far better off ‘filling up’ at your meals to stop you from reaching for unnecessary biscuits at 3pm.


You might wonder what sleep has to do with craving sugar, but Laura said a lack of sleep is a key cause of you wanting to eat something sweet. 

‘Your hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin are affected by your sleep so make sure you’re at least getting eight hours per night,’ Laura said. 

Laura (pictured) said you need to make sure you eat enough complex carbs at lunchtime in order to stay full and avoid sugar

Previously, Laura revealed the three nutrition facts you need to know. 

‘These are the nutrition facts you need to know,’ Laura said.

‘The first is that you need carbohydrates,’ she said.

‘They are your brain’s preferred source of fuel.’

Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of energy. In their absence, your body will use protein and fat for energy.

Good examples of ‘complex carbohydrates’ that you can enjoy unrestricted include sweet potatoes, brown rice, brown pasta and wholegrains. 

But the nutritionist said you also shouldn’t fear pasta, white potatoes and bread just because you want to be healthy.

‘I love carbs. Noodles, potatoes, pasta, rice – I love them all. And no they’re not bad for you,’ Laura said.

The expert is a fan of subscribing to the idea that you can have everything you love in moderation.

The second myth the nutritionist was keen to dispel is the idea that a diet like gluten-free automatically means it’s good for you:

‘Gluten-free products are not always the healthiest,’ Laura said.

‘They are often more processed and can be lower in fibre.’

If you aren’t gluten-free, the dietitian said there is no need to dig out these options.

Many who are on a diet find it frustrating when they find the scales don’t always reflect how they feel they are progressing with their weight loss.

‘But weight changes across the day or week are normal,’ Laura said.

Weight change is down to everything from what you’ve eaten or drank to how much exercise you’ve done just now and your sleep levels.

Research has found that your weight can alter between 2.2 kilos and 2.7 kilos each and every day without you being able to see the difference.

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