Olympian Sharron Davies sparks transphobia row after ‘humanity dying out’ tweet

Former Olympic swimmer Sharron Davies has been accused of transphobia after tweeting that humanity would die out if a transgender female and a biological man were the last people alive on an island.

Davies' comments come months after she called for transgender athletes 'with a male sex advantage' to be barred from competing in women's sport.

She has now been branded a 'trans-exclusionary radical feminist' and transphobic by some of those who responded to her latest post.

Yesterday the swimmer tweeted: "If you put 2 biological females on an island humanity dies out (but they’d talk loads) if you put a biological male & a trans woman on an island humanity dies out.

"But if u put a male & a female there we might stand a chance! Providing they can fish of course. Binary Sex matters."

It sparked a fierce backlash online, with other Twitter users accusing the 56-year-old of prejudice, while others found fault with her logic.

One user wrote: "Oh s***, that's some pretty obvious homophobia you got there. Like, wow."

Another added: "What if the 'biological female' is infertile, what if the man is? What if they hate each other (assuming she's not advocating rape) or actually think its quite selfish to birth a child on an uninhabited island. This hypothetical scenario has more holes than a crochet crop top."

Others pointed out that the human race would still be 'doomed' if the male and female on Davies' island managed to have children – as their kids would have to breed with each other.

Responding to one critic, Davies tweeted: "I’ve always said I’m not anti trans. I talked about a biological fact which I’m hoping you’re not disputing? And I’m not going to give up on female sport being protected for biological females so they get equal opportunities which they deserve."

Some Twitter users came to Davies' defence though.

Steve Foster tweeted: "Sharron. I cannot believe you are having to teach basic biology to so many. It's also amazing the fact they don't accept it. On behalf of humanity I salute your time, patience and resilience."

Another user wrote: "Understanding biological reality is not hate. Facts are not hate."

Davies was continuing to tweet on the matter 13 hours after the original post, including retweets defending her position.

The swimmer was previously in hot water for demanding that transgender athletes 'with a male sex advantage' be excluded from women's sport.

In March, she tweeted: "I have nothing against anyone who wishes 2be transgender.

"However I believe there is a fundamental difference between the binary sex u r born with & the gender u may identify as. To protect women’s sport those with a male sex advantage should not be able 2compete in women’s sport."

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