One-eyed hat-loving cat called Hazel-Potato is, unsurprisingly, a hit online

This is Hazel-Potato, aka Hazel, aka Rotunda – the cat in the hat (or hats) with one eye and over 35,000 followers.

Hazel, eight, is a rescue cat who was adopted last year by Katie after she clapped eyes on the one-eyed cutie at an adoption fair.

Katie, from North Carolina, US, sand her partner have two other cats – Gatsby and Daisy – and only happened upon Hazel because one of them needed to be taken for a routine vet appointment.

Katie said: ‘Lots of people ask us why she’s only got one eye but unfortunately, we don’t know her background story as we only adopted her last year.

‘We went to go and pick up our other cat, Gatsby, from his vet appointment and there happened to be an adoption fair that same day.

‘Hazel-Potato locked her one eye on us and the next thing you know, I’m filling out an adoption application. I instantly had a connection with her, and she purred so loud in her cage.

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‘We’ve been very lucky to have the sweetest Instagram following.

‘Everyone loves how stylish she is and how well she poses for the camera.

‘They also like to say she’s a permanent winker.

‘Hazel-Potato is the highlight of everyone’s day, and they always tell us.’

Now, the calico cat has been able to share her love of hats with the world on social media – truly a fairy tail ending.

She continued: ‘I don’t make the hats, I buy them, but my niece did make her a paper hate once and wrote “HEYSOL” on it – people loved that. I don’t want to know how much I’ve spent on them!

‘She’s definitely comfortable wearing the hats – as long as they’re not too big! She likes the bucket hat a lot!

‘After taking dozens of pictures and sending them to friends and family, I realised I needed an outlet to post them.

‘She’s too cute, the whole world needs to see her. She is so sassy as well. She loves attention from everyone she meets.’

Hazel is also well-rewarded with treats for her hat influencer work.

If you’re interested in following Hazel, her Instagram is @thehazelpotato.

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