‘One Night Stand’ scented candle smells of pizza, condoms and cocktails

Valentine’s Day is approaching and unfortunately for singletons we’re likely to be celebrating at home.

A whopping 68% of millennials say that Valentine’s Day is the day of the year they have sex the most, and the USA even has ‘National Condom Day’ on 14 February – but this year is expected to be much different.

If you were hoping to get lucky it seems that a new product could help you to reminisce about your past naughty nights out.

We’re not sure it’s particularly romantic, though…

A new multi-scented candle that smells like your last "One Night Stand" has been launched by novelty candle company Flaming Cr•p.

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The “One Night Stand(le)” – we know, hilarious name – has four distinct scent layers.

The first layer is our iconic pizza scent (as all good dates start with dinner), followed by a cheeky Passion Fruit Martini fragrance.

Then a latex condom aroma followed by your sneaky 3am taxi ride home with 'new car smell'.

With a 30 hour burn time, this candle should last longer than your usual one night stand…

They’re also made with vegan soy wax and recycled labels and packaging.

Pizza, passion fruit and condoms may not be your usual scented candle smells, but for many this is the closest they’ll have been to a date night in some time!

To buy the £14.99 candle head over to Flaming Cr•p, a small Yorkshire-based business, who sell lots of unusual goodies which make great gifts.

They even have their “2020 scent” candle which features four layers of the scents of the first lockdown.

Oliver Burr, Co-Founder of Flaming Cr•p said: “Many people’s dating lives have become disasters over the course of the last year, the One Night Standle takes you on a sensual journey through dinner and drinks, with scents that will remind you of sex and that awkward taxi journey home!

“We hope this can be both a fun reminder of dating disasters, and what is to come for those that have spent the last year on their own!”

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