Owners share the moment their pets react to things for the first time

Who’s a scaredy cat! Owners share the hilarious moments their pets react to new experiences in VERY dramatic fashion

  • These pictures, compiled by Gosocial, capture once-in-a-lifetime moments
  • Animals from around the world caught on camera in hilarious viral snaps  
  • From terrified puppies to shocked cats, these pets have no idea how to react

Animals are known for doing the funniest things – but now it appears they also have the funniest reactions.

An online gallery, compiled by Gosocial, revealed animals from around the world as they were caught on camera trying things for the first time. 

From a puppy taking a bubble bath with no tears shampoo, to an indoors cat being taken outside for the first time, these pictures perfectly catch the hilarious moments that makes us love our pets.

The funniest moments may even motivate you to reach for the camera when your pet tries something for the first time.  

Mind blown: One owner, believed to be from America, appeared to amaze their cat by taking them outside for the very first time 



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