Page 3 girls talk hugging and casual sex as Brits can touch again from Monday

Like the majority of Brits, our Page 3 girls are very excited for lockdown restrictions to ease on Monday.

The government has given us the green light to "touch friends and family" again from May 17.

And in great news for singletons, casual sex is also back on the cards for the first time in months.

During our Hot Topics panel on Facebook Live today, Chloe, Daisy and Jess spoke to host Pandora Forsyth about having these freedoms again.

When asked if she was excited, Chloe said: "100% yes. I love my nan to bits and it's been such a long time.

"My nan does everything for me and she deserves a hug. So I'll be giving her a big hug."

Chloe added: "I can't wait to hug her – I think I'm going to be more excited than if I had a boyfriend!"

Daisy concurred: "I also agree. I can't wait to be giving out hugs.

"It's been hard hasn't it, without family and friends? I like a hug."

And Jess said: "It's been weird not being able to greet people like you usually would. So 100% (I will be hugging)."

Daily Star readers seem equally excited to get close to their loved ones again.

On Twitter, a poll asked: “Do you think people are excited to have 'friendly contact' again, now that lockdown restrictions are easing?”

A whopping 66.7% people said they are looking forward to being able to get close and personal with people.

But some still seem to be apprehensive about intimacy still.

33.3% of our readers said they aren’t excited about “friendly” contact returning – perhaps because the whole nation hasn’t been vaccinated yet.

So what do you think? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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