Parent mortified at child’s X-rated drawing that could be used for ‘sex talk’

Children can amaze their parents in many ways.

Whether it's by the questions they won't stop asking, or the sass they dish out when something is wanted.

Now one parent was left mortified by their child's drawing which looked more X-rated than intended.

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Posting on Reddit under wowprettyneat, the image racked up more than 7,200 upvotes with hundreds of comments.

When viewed upside down, the drawing shows a pair of hands reaching out towards a tap.

But the cylinder-shaped tap looks more like a male's private parts than something you'd find in the kitchen.

The parent said: "This is upside down and it's actually how I first saw it. It's meant to be a drawing of washing hands.

"My seven-year-old drew it last year at school."

While most Reddit users couldn't help but chuckle, others blamed it on the angle the child used.

One said: "It's not a bad drawing but perspective really is everything."

Another wrote: "If I was the parent, I would frame it and bring it up every time my child invited his partner over."

Meanwhile a third insisted the parent brought out the image anytime they wanted to have the "sex talk".

And other parents shared their own accidental X-rated drawings and how they still "haunt" them today.

One said: "I would make fun of this but when I was seven I accidentally made a penis in Minecraft.

"It was supposed to be a fish, but mum wouldn't listen."

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